The Bankruptcy Helpline

UK Bankruptcy from overseas

If you have UK debts and are living overseas except in another EU member state, then, I can help you become free from your debts through voluntary bankruptcy without you having to return to the UK, Providing your last address where you actually resided, was in England or Wales in the last three years. With email and Skype we can get all the information required to complete your bankruptcy documentation and submit it to the adjudicator to become bankrupt. This should have no or very little effect upon you or your new residence and will be discharged in twelve months providing you co-operate with the official receiver.

My Costs

My costs are the same as a UK petition as the work is similar. I have very low overheads, I work now from home and manage to keep my fees amongst the lowest you will find which is why I publish them on this site so no hidden surprises, and no VAT either.

Petition Fee: £680

My Costs: £310

Total Costs: £990