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I am someone you can talk to, sometimes just someone to talk with can help, I am totally on your side I am not supported by the credit industry, over the last 16 years I have learned to understand peoples emotions and fears of living with debt, you can email me, or call me, I work from home I am always available 7 days a week, Call me 07970 508345

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Over the last 16 years I have completed a few thousand bankruptcy applications, I have seen all situations, Amongst the people I have helped reset their lives are GP’s, Nurses, Police officers, Publicans, Taxi Drivers, the self employed, clients with tax liabilities they cannot pay, working people and the unemployed. Being in debt is miserable it creates depression and anxiety, it has no class status,

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It depends what you want, a chat about your circumstances, or some information on the process, what to do, and more important what not to do, I am happy to help for free over the telephone. If you want it done for you, properly with someone to lean on for the duration then I can also do that, call me lets talk, lets eradicate this misery from your life

Welcome to the Bankruptcy Helpline

Since 2005, I have attended over 100 county courts in England and Wales, helping people enter voluntary bankruptcy and come out debt free in 52 weeks, many have now become friends, everyday people maybe just like you who have come to the point of needing a helping hand and a fresh financial start to their lives.

From the 6th April 2016 I can now fully complete your bankruptcy application, help you with the telephone interview, and support you for 12 months, without the need for you to leave home or take time off work, we do not need to meet, it can all be done as quickly as you require, in less than one week if required. My total costs for this service is around £310 a price for 90% of the bankruptcies I complete which works out at less than £6 per week, I would be shocked if I cannot save you at least this in just the incomings and outgoings, my service could be better than free.

If you have already gone down this route and need some help, if I can I will help you for free, however I cannot now undo what has already been done, but call me lets give it a shot.

Voluntary Bankruptcy is the quickest route out of debt and for some a very positive solution in dealing with debt, and unlike an IVA, an alternative to bankruptcy it cannot fail, in an IVA you only get a discount on your debt at the final payment in five or six years.

However unforeseen illness or the loss of your job often results in failure of an IVA, historic figures tell us that around 20% will fail along the way and you are back to square one, however if you are the owner of property an IVA is worthy of consideration, however please examine the property re mortgage clause in year 4, where you will be expected to release equity in your property.

Please be aware many companies on the internet will want you to avoid bankruptcy and do an IVA, they make allot of money from IVAs, now that is fine but ask them to explain to you why an IVA is better for you than bankruptcy, this may be difficult as many of these companies are simply marketing agents who know little about Insolvency, they package up and pass your details on to Insolvency Practitioners for a finders fee normally between £800 to £1100 pounds

Please ensure that any solution you chose benefits you more than a salesperson commission at the end of the month, for piece of mind run your debt situation past someone like Stepchange, The Money Advice Service, Citizens Advice Bureau or National Debtline, it is vitally important you take good debt advice to ensure you are aware of all your options to deal with your money problems.

The clients I serve are people who have already decided on voluntary bankruptcy, they want it done properly, done quickly, they want it to be approved, and assurance the passage to debt freedom is as smooth as it can be, with someone at the other end of the phone, any day any time, who can help if and when needed for the duration of bankruptcy normally 52 weeks.

I have done this for a long time, and I fully understand you are not at a good place right now, you want to pay your creditors, but you simply cannot, you have stopped answering your phone, you do not open your post anymore and you dread the knock at the door, seriously you do not have to live like this, being in debt is not a crime, BUT letting it ruin your life certainly is.

Personal bankruptcy can for many, be a positive action, it can be used as a cure for anyone who is financially ill, it has helped my clients rebuild their esteem, help recover from their depression, and start to live again, it is with enormous pleasure that many of my clients keep in touch with me for years after I have served them, it is very rewarding to see how their lives are turned around.

Over the years, I have helped Publicans, Nurses, Police Officers, GPs persons with Gambling addictions, the self employed with tax liabilities, the unemployed people from all walks of life.

Please be in no doubt like any other debt solution your credit file will be shot for six years, if you are reading this then its possibly bad in any event.

Whether you want to proceed, or just want some information call me, over a year I complete on average 60 to 80 Bankruptcy Applications just enough to give good service to my customers, I am easy to speak to, and you can speak with me anytime, and I will sincerely promise you if you call me in confidence there will be no pressure, no sales talk, I am not a call centre, I am not on a bonus scheme, and I will never try to push you down this route, any route out of debt needs to be always be your decision after weighing up all your options, you can call me evenings and weekends,

I am here to talk to, lets face it sometimes just someone to talk with can help, you may not even need my service, call me we can have a chat you can then ponder off and think, do it now, you will only ever talk with me, my phone is always with me, I am about till 10 pm seven days a week, my name is Daniel on 07970 508345 daytime or 01785 824549 evenings or email

If you answer YES to most of these question then, Voluntary Bankruptcy maybe the answer for you!

1. Are Creditors and Debt Collectors making your life hell?

2. Is the worry and stress of your Debts getting you down?

3. Are you receiving threatening calls from Creditors?

4. Do you need help with your debts?

5. Are any of your goods about to be repossessed?

6. Are you selling your assets to pay off your Debts?

7. Do you require help to get out of the Debts Trap?

Voluntary Bankruptcy allows you to control your debt situation BEFORE one of your creditors takes you through the court system and/or the Bailiff comes knocking at your door with a warrant to possess your goods.

Your personal debts, called unsecured debts, which might include credit cards, store card debts, personal loans, mobile phone accounts and utilities debts are all cancelled if you proceed with Voluntary Bankruptcy. Once you are bankrupt your creditors, by law, must then stop calling you, or harassing you. The threatening letters will stop, all of which are making your life a misery. You can start to live again, enjoy picking up the phone, looking forward to your daily post and opening the door with confidence.

How Debt Accumulates – You may have experienced a period of unemployment, reduced employment, ill health or a relationship breakdown. This may have meant using credit to pay your bills as a short term remedy.

Managing Debt – Getting into debt is easy especially when the banks and finance companies seem so willing to provide you with credit cards and store cards.

The Bankruptcy Helpline in England and Wales provides help and assistance for anyone considering Voluntary Bankruptcy. We help manage debt, creditors, bankruptcy, debts, credit card debt, debt relief, debt assistance, debt problems, debt collectors, debt help, debt advice. The British Government, via the Enterprise Act (2002) has put provisions in place to enable people to become debt-free and get on with their lives again – stress-free! “Bankruptcy provides legitimate relief from debts incurred by those who are in genuine financial difficulty”. If you have overwhelming debt problems and creditors are threatening you with Court Action or you have been issued with a Court Summons from one of your creditors, it may be time to consider voluntary bankruptcy. However you should always take advice from trusted sources, the Money Advice Service is a good starting point, as there are other options which need to be considered in dealing with your debts. This is important as the general rule in bankruptcy is you swop your assets for your debts, it is only Tools, Books, Vehicles needed for your job or vocation (providing existing items cannot be replaced at lower value and personal possessions of small value that are exempt.

Most people who have debt problems have been through a period of unemployment, reduced employment, relationship breakdown and prolonged illness. They started to use credit as a means of bridging the gap between their reduced income and their soaring financial commitments. Though most people say that they would prefer to pay off their debts in full, they find that debt collectors, banks and finance companies put unreal demands on them and it becomes impossible to continue paying off all their debts. Bankruptcy is usually considered the worst case scenario when you are faced with overwhelming debt problems. These days, fortunately, there is no longer the same stigma about bankruptcy. The relief at not having the stress of continual debt problems far out weighs any negative thoughts about bankruptcy.

Voluntary bankruptcy puts you back in control of your situation. Generally the debt collectors are silenced. You do not have to appear in Court. You will have all of your unsecured debts such as credit card debts, mobile phone debts, and personal loan debts wiped from the slate. The period of bankruptcy is generally 12 months although you will have a bad credit rating for 6 years but most people considering bankruptcy will know that they already have a bad credit rating.

The Solution to Debt Problems – To help you recover from overwhelming debt situations, the British Government brought in The Enterprise Act 2002 which means since the 1st April 2004 there have been considerable changes to the laws concerning Bankruptcy in England.

Previously, Bankruptcy would typically last for a period of 2 to 3 years, but now the majority of bankruptcies will be discharged after only 12 months.

The law was changed to give those with genuine cases of financial hardship the opportunity to be free of their indebtedness.


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