The Team is just me Daniel Griffiths

I have been in this industry now for about 15 years, I was controlling director of Alternative Credit Solutions Limited provider of IVAs, bankruptcy service applications, and debt management plans,  I have managed thousands of bankruptcy applications in that time and continue to get referred by past clients,

I care deeply about my clients many who suffer with anxiety and depression bought on by the misery of being in debt, and want to give the best service possible.

Daniel Griffiths

About The Bankruptcy Helpline

My customers can always contact me, I work from home so am always available, always at the end of the phone, over the last 16 years many of my customers have become friends.

I have an abundance of maturity, compassion and empathy for those who find themselves in your position – overwhelming debt problems.

Over the last 16 years I have Publicans, GPs, Nurses, Taxi Operators, the self employed with unpaid tax liabilities, Company directors with personal guarantees on limited companies, the unemployed all classes of people.

I know how you are suffering, and that you are probably at your wits end, and have taken some time before seeking assistance, I also know how past clients have come through this and are now in a much better place.

I will make a solid promise as to never take advantage of a clients situation, over 50% of the people I talk to I refer to The Money Advice Service MaPS, if I feel that voluntary bankruptcy is not the best option for you.

The information on my website is content which can be found anywhere on the internet, if you are after debt advice I would ask to you go the The Money Advice Service, , far too many people in debt, talk to not very many service providers, go to an IVA company for debt advice you will get an IVA, please be sure you know all your options.

However if you have already decided after going through all your options that voluntary bankruptcy is your way forward, then I can help you.

My activity is to complete the bankruptcy application in its entirety and work with you for the next 12 months, lets travel this route out o debt together, until you are discharged from your debts free to live again.

If you are working with regular income I would be disappointed that my service did not work out free, as your income and outgoings are scrutinised in the application I believe this is where I can add value to my input, I will ensure that all income and outgoings are prepared correctly minimising income which may be caught in any Income Payments order.

My Service

One call I do it all. I attend to all the documentation, brief you on the telephone interview as I will now be aware of your circumstances which has led to bankruptcy years of experience I will know in advance what you will be asked, I, take care of all income and expenditure calculations and become your friend for help, I can help deal with any letters from your trustee, or indeed creditors, if and when needed over the next 12 months until the debts are discharged.

We will walk the path to debt freedom together, you will have contact with me anytime until 10 pm 7 days a week. Over the past 10 years I have gained many friends and received many referrals, there is hardly a town in England Wales where I have not helped someone.